Diplomatico No.2 Barbet Distillery Collection Rom 47% 70 cl. (Gaveæske)

Diplomatico No.2 Barbet Distillery Collection Rom 47% 70 cl. (Gaveæske)

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Diplomatico Distillery Collection No2 Barbet Rom 40% 70 cl.

The Barbet Column Still was brought to Diplomático’s La Miel distillery in 1959. This continuous distillation system is originally from France. Using high quality sugar cane molasses, the distillate is aged in American white oak barrels until it reaches its optimum maturity, resulting in a unique rum.

This system produces a distillate with a strong fruity profile. The single barbet rum combines mango and passion fruit aromas with notes of caramel and oak. On the palate, it is smooth and slightly dry, with delicate wood and fresh citrus fruit flavors.

This distillation system consists of two columns: the Aldehyde Column, in which the undesired elements are separated from the rest of the liquid, and the Rectifying Column. In the latter the congeners are separate and only the desired elements are kept, such as esters and aldehydes. This rectification system is not found in other traditional systems of extraction-type columns. It is unique to this design and is what gives its characteristic profile to the alcohol obtained.

The Barbet Column is made from 100% copper, as opposed to traditional columns, which are usually made from stainless steel. Copper is a material able to eliminate sulfur compounds, specific to the fermentation process, and undesirable from a sensorial point of view. In this way, copper can separate out these elements and eliminate them.

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