Lombardi Champagne

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Lombardi Champagne

Lombardi Champagne er en unik fransk perle og historien om et gastronomisk vennepar med en fælles passion for Champagne. Lombardi er opkaldt efter deres stifteren Stéphane Lombardi.

Lombardi artisan Champagne comes from the up and coming Côtes des Bar. Lombardi represents the contemporary side of Champagne. This prestigious French region has been dominated for centuries by a few large, prominent Champagne houses.

Known as the Grandes Marques - literally, “big brands” - these mega-producers of Champagne have been joined in recent decades by an upstart generation of small labels.

Some of these are longtime grape growers who now bottle their own, others, like Lombardi, are also mini-négociants who also buy small quantities of grapes and create custom cuvées and free to create a house style according to their particular vision.

Stéphane Lombardi are an Champagne obsessive from Lyon. Inspired by the rise of Champagne’s small producer, the duo - who’ve spent his careers in the fields of wine, dreamed of creating their own, namesake Champagne. In 2007, they each left their jobs and took a leap to pursue their dream. Four years later, their first cuvée hit the market. The result was a shower of 90-plus ratings from some of the world’s most prestigious wine critics - an astonishing feat for these brash newcomers.

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